Leave it to the experts

Our team of professional Engineers service and maintain all types of aquariums, seafood holding tanks, ponds and water features to a high standard, ensuring a healthy aquatic environment – allowing our clients to enjoy the beauty of their aquarium without the hassle of cleaning. This is a tailor-made service for each client, scheduled at times and intervals (e.g. twice-weekly, weekly, fortnightly), to suit the needs of each aquarium and client.

Our Maintenance Service can include ….

  • Fish Health Check
  • Water Testing
  • Water Change
  • Glass Clean (Internal)
  • Substrate Vacuum of Gravel/Coral Sand
  • Rock Clean
  • Filter Change
  • Equipment Check
  • Glass & Cabinet Clean (Exterior)
  • Supply of livestock, food and maintenance goods
  • Advice & Guidance

Other Services Available include …

  • Upgrade / Replacement of all equipment e.g. lights, filters, pumps etc.
  • 24hr Emergency Call Out
  • On and off-site computer monitoring
  • Complete redesign of an existing aquarium
  • Resolving problems with an existing aquarium
  • Removal and relocation services
Aquarium Maintenance and Service